Mercury Shree Yantra on Tortoise (72 gm)




Mercury Shree Yantra on Tortoise: Vastu Blessings

Harness Cosmic Energies with Parad Shree Yantra on Tortoise

Short Description: The Mercury Shree Yantra on Tortoise embodies the principles of Vastu Kala, bringing forth abundant energy radiations from the cosmic universe for enhanced health, wealth, and wisdom.


  1. Vastu Harmony and Energy Amplification:
    • Positioned at the center to the top, the Parad Shree Yantra on Tortoise aligns with Vastu Kala principles, amplifying energy radiations for improved well-being and prosperity.
  2. Symbolism of Protection and Fortune:
    • The tortoise symbolizes protection and fortune, making the Mercury Shree Yantra on Tortoise a powerful and auspicious combination for guarding against negativity and attracting wealth.
  3. Removal of Vastu Dosha and Negativity:
    • Buried underground during construction, the Meru Kachap Sri Yantra eliminates Vastu Dosha, shielding from evil eyes and negative influences, while inviting prosperity and good fortune.
  4. Planetary Harmony and Positive Energy:
    • Parad Kachchap Shri Yantra neutralizes the adverse effects of planets, infusing positive energy into the surroundings for overall well-being and success.
  5. Wealth and Health Blessings:
    • Experience blessings of good wealth and health with the Parad Turtle Shri Yantra, safeguarding against evil eye and bad luck, while attracting positive energies for prosperity.

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Weight 0.072 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 9.5 × 3 cm


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Mercury Shree Yantra on Tortoise (72 gm)