Mercury Pyramid (104 gm)


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Mercury Pyramid: Unlocking Divine Energies

Harness the Power of Parad (Mercury) for Spiritual and Physical Well-Being

Balancing and purifying the aura, the Mercury Pyramid removes negative energies and rectifies Vastu defects, ensuring harmony and tranquility in your home or office.


  1. Aura Balancing and Cleansing:
    • Mercury Pyramid harmonizes and purifies the surrounding aura, removing negative energies and promoting a sense of tranquility.
  2. Everlasting Vastu Remedy:
    • Known for its enduring benefits, the Mercury Pyramid abolishes negative energies caused by Vastu defects, ensuring a balanced and harmonious environment.
  3. Divine Symbolism and Energy Enhancement:
    • Each corner of the pyramid symbolizes truth, peacefulness, wisdom, and seriousness, while the pyramid’s structure enhances divine energies and qualities.
  4. Medicinal Properties and Healing Energies:
    • Acting as a potent Yantra, the Mercury Pyramid functions as a divine medicine, aiding in regaining efficiency, creating vibrations in the body, and rectifying Vastu faults.
  5. Enhanced Confidence and Vitality:
    • Placing the Mercury Pyramid in your home or office boosts self-confidence, strength, and memory, fostering a sense of empowerment and well-being.

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Mercury Pyramid (104 gm)