Karungali Yantra

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    Karungali Bhairava Yantra: Warding off Negativity and Embracing Good Fortune Invoke the Protective Powers of Lord Bhairava Benefits: Banishing Negative Influences: The Karungali Bhairava Yantra is dedicated to the worship of Lord Bhairava, renowned for its ability to dispel the effects of black magic and other malevolent forces. It serves […]

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    Karungali Kubera Yantra: Invoking Wealth and Abundance Unlock Prosperity with the Sacred Geometry of Kuber Yantra Benefits: Symbol of Wealth and Abundance: The Karungali Kubera Yantra represents Lord Kuber, the Hindu deity synonymous with wealth and abundance. Its sacred geometry harnesses the divine energies associated with prosperity. Attraction of Financial […]

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    Karungali Sri Yantra: Unlocking Desires and Clarity Harness the Power of Sri Yantra for Manifestation Benefits: Fulfillment of Desires: The Karungali Sri Yantra is revered as a potent tool for fulfilling desires. It acts as a conduit for manifesting aspirations into reality, guiding individuals towards their goals. Clarity of Mind: […]