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    Mercury Pyramid: Unlocking Divine Energies Harness the Power of Parad (Mercury) for Spiritual and Physical Well-Being Balancing and purifying the aura, the Mercury Pyramid removes negative energies and rectifies Vastu defects, ensuring harmony and tranquility in your home or office. Benefits: Aura Balancing and Cleansing: Mercury Pyramid harmonizes and purifies […]

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    Mercury Sai Baba: Divine Blessings Unlock the Blessings of Parad Sri Sai Baba Short Description: Experience wealth, harmony, and peace of mind with Parad Sri Sai Baba. Balancing and harmonizing your aura, it drives away negative energy and infuses your home with divine protection and prosperity. Benefits: Wealth, Harmony, and […]

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    Mercury Shivalingam: Uniting Divine Energies Experience Sacred Blessings with Parad Shivling Short Description: Revered since ancient times, the Parad Shivling embodies the potent energies of Lord Shiva and the sacred metal Parad, offering divine blessings and protection. Benefits: Boons and Protective Shield: Worshipping Parad Shivling fills life with blessings, creating […]

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    Mercury Shree Yantra on Tortoise: Vastu Blessings Harness Cosmic Energies with Parad Shree Yantra on Tortoise Short Description: The Mercury Shree Yantra on Tortoise embodies the principles of Vastu Kala, bringing forth abundant energy radiations from the cosmic universe for enhanced health, wealth, and wisdom. Benefits: Vastu Harmony and Energy […]

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    Mercury Tortoise: Feng Shui Harmony Invite Prosperity and Serenity with Mercury Tortoise Short Description: Crafted from auspicious mercury metal, the Feng Shui Tortoise enhances family harmony and promotes well-being when placed in the North or North West direction, facing East. Benefits: Vastu Placement for Harmony: Position the Mercury Tortoise according […]

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    Mercury Shree Yantra: Divine Prosperity Unlock Prosperity and Cosmic Strength with Mercury Shree Yantra Short Description: Crafted from solidified mercury, the Parad Shree Yantra is revered as one of the most positive and energetic yantras, bringing wealth, prosperity, and cosmic blessings to worshippers. Benefits: Instrument of Prosperity: Known as the […]