Mercury Sai Baba (79 gm)


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Mercury Sai Baba: Divine Blessings

Unlock the Blessings of Parad Sri Sai Baba

Short Description: Experience wealth, harmony, and peace of mind with Parad Sri Sai Baba. Balancing and harmonizing your aura, it drives away negative energy and infuses your home with divine protection and prosperity.


  1. Wealth, Harmony, and Peace:
    • Worshiping Parad Sri Sai Baba brings blessings of wealth, harmony, and peace of mind, fostering prosperity and serenity in your life.
  2. Aura Balancing and Negative Energy Removal:
    • The presence of Parad Sri Sai Baba balances and harmonizes the surrounding aura, swiftly removing negative energy and promoting positivity.
  3. Miraculous Healing and Protection:
    • Siddh Parad contains miraculous properties for healing and protection, safeguarding your home and loved ones while enhancing divine energy within.
  4. Spiritual Connection and Meditation Support:
    • Enhance your association with Sri Sai Baba. It supports meditation, concentration, dhyana, and aids in achieving Samadhi.
  5. Positive Transformation and Divine Energy Infusion:
    • By driving away negative thoughts and infusing your mind with positive energy, Parad Sri Sai Baba empowers you with divine strength and fills your life with peace, contentment, and spiritual bliss.

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Mercury Sai Baba (79 gm)