Parad/Mercury Sri Shree Yantra (50 gm)


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Mercury Shree Yantra: Divine Prosperity

Unlock Prosperity and Cosmic Strength with Mercury Shree Yantra

Short Description: Crafted from solidified mercury, the Parad Shree Yantra is revered as one of the most positive and energetic yantras, bringing wealth, prosperity, and cosmic blessings to worshippers.


  1. Instrument of Prosperity:
    • Known as the “Instrument of Prosperity,” the Shree Yantra is worshipped by gods and goddesses for its positive impacts and energetic properties.
  2. Source of Energy and Magnetism:
    • Lord Brahma, the creator of the cosmos, designed the Shree Yantra, praised by Lord Vishnu for its auspiciousness and magnetic power.
  3. Fulfillment of Desires:
    • The Parad Shree Yantra fulfills all wishes and desires, harnessing inner power and cosmic strength to manifest prosperity and success in every aspect of life.
  4. Obstacle Removal and Positive Energy Conduction:
    • Shree Yantra breaks down obstacles and negativities, acting as a conductor of positive energy to bless individuals with wealth, fame, peace, and harmony.
  5. Recommended by Astrologers:
    • Indian astrologers and priests recommend the Shree Yantra for its rare properties and significant benefits, making it an essential tool for achieving success and fulfillment.

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Parad/Mercury Sri Shree Yantra (50 gm)