Orgone Malachite Pyramid


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Orgon Malachite Pyramid: Harness Earth’s Healing Power

Experience Intense Living and Protection

Benefits of Orgon Malachite:

  1. Affinity with Devic Forces:
    • Connect deeply with nature’s spirits and healing energies as Malachite resonates with devic forces, fostering harmony and balance with the earth.
  2. Intensified Living Experience:
    • Feel life’s energies more profoundly under the influence of Malachite, as it serves as a potent conduit for powerful energy flow and vitality.
  3. Protection from Negative Energies:
    • Shield yourself from negativity and environmental pollutants with Malachite’s protective aura, absorbing harmful energies and electromagnetic smog.
  4. Accessing Inner Realms:
    • Use Malachite for scrying and accessing inner or outer realms, facilitating spiritual journeys and deepening your connection to higher consciousness.
  5. Insightful Journeying:
    • Navigate through Malachite’s intricate patterns to unlock insights from your subconscious mind or receive messages from the future, aiding in profound self-discovery and growth.


  • Crafted with Malachite and orgonite, this pyramid serves as a powerful tool for accessing earth’s healing energies, intensifying life experiences, and providing protection against negative influences.

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Orgone Malachite Pyramid