Pyrite Stone Bracelet



Pyrite Stone: Unleash the Power of Authenticity

Harness Strength and Protection with Pyrite Stone


  1. 100% Authentic Clusters:
    • Pyrite Stone Original is guaranteed to be 100% authentic and comes in clusters, ensuring genuine energy and powerful properties.
  2. Well-Polished Bracelet:
    • The Pyrite Stone Bracelet is meticulously crafted, with each stone polished to perfection. Sized at about 8 mm, it radiates elegance and sophistication.
  3. Clearing Negative Energy:
    • Embrace positivity and strength with the Pyrite Stone Bracelet, which clears away cobwebs of negative energy, guiding you towards the light and empowering you to overcome darkness.
  4. Massive Protective Properties:
    • Pyrite is revered for its massive protective properties in Feng Shui. Placing a piece of Pyrite by entryways safeguards your home from negative forces, ensuring a harmonious and protected environment.
  5. Unlocking Endless Possibility:
    • Pyrite is an extraordinary crystal capable of tapping into endless possibilities. It brings out the best in your soul, igniting a sense of limitless potential and empowerment.

Additional information

Weight 0.080 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 9.5 × 3 cm


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Pyrite Stone Bracelet