Organe 7 Chakra Pyramid


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Orgon 7 Chakra Pyramid: Align Your Energy for Wellness

Harness the Power of Chakras for Balance

Benefits of Orgon 7 Chakra Pyramid:

  1. Holistic Healing:
    • Experience healing for your mind, body, and soul as the pyramid cleanses your mind, boosts self-confidence, and enhances communication skills.
  2. Chakra Balancing:
    • Restore harmony to your body’s energy centers with the seven authentic crystals and gemstones aligned in the colors of the rainbow, promoting balance and vitality.
  3. EMF Protection:
    • Shield yourself from harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices with the protective power of the pyramid, ensuring your well-being in a modern world.
  4. Negative Energy Transmutation:
    • Convert negative energies into positive vibrations, creating a harmonious environment and uplifting your emotional state for enhanced wellness.
  5. Overall Well-Being:
    • Promote balance, alignment, and grounding in your space or within yourself, fostering a sense of peace, vitality, and connection to the flow of life energy.


  • Crafted with 7 authentic crystals and gemstones, this orgonite pyramid emits powerful positive energy, healing and balancing your life on multiple levels.

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Organe 7 Chakra Pyramid