Karungali Trishul


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Karungali Trishul: Bestowing Protection and Wealth

Harness Divine Protection and Prosperity with Lord Shiva’s Trishul


  1. Destroyer of Illusions and Evil Forces:
    • Lord Shiva’s Trishul serves as a potent weapon, annihilating the trinity of illusions, desires, and ignorance. It stands as a symbol of vanquishing malevolent forces, safeguarding devotees from harm.
  2. Weapon of Divine Goddesses:
    • Revered by Goddesses like Kali, Durga, and Parashakti, the Trishul holds significance as a symbol of their power and authority. Its three-pointed structure represents their divine presence and influence.
  3. Sacred Symbol of Trinity:
    • The Trishul symbolizes the divine Trinity, with Lord Shiva at its center, Lord Vishnu on the left branch, and Lord Brahma on the right branch. It embodies the harmonious balance of cosmic energies.
  4. Divine Guardians at Its Peak:
    • Atop the three branches of the Trishul reside revered deities such as Vinayagar, Murugan, and Veerabhatra. Their presence symbolizes protection and guidance in all endeavors.
  5. Manifestation of Divine Beings:
    • Ekadasi Rudra graces the lower part of the Trishul, while Ashtamatruka and Ashtalakshumi adorn the lower part of Padma, symbolizing the divine manifestations of cosmic energy and abundance.

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Karungali Trishul

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