Karungali Muruga Vel


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Karungali MurugaVel:

Embrace Divine Blessings with Muruga’s Sacred Vel


  1. Divine Arsenal of Protection:
    • Muruga’s Vel, a powerful weapon, safeguards against malevolent forces, ensuring the protection of saints, gods, and innocent beings.
  2. Immeasurable Power of Karungali Vel:
    • Cleanse your life of negativity and evil with the immense power of the Karungali Vel, paving the way for prosperity and abundance.
  3. Bringing Home Blessings:
    • Welcoming the Karungali Vel into your home and offering prayers initiates positive changes, fostering a gradual increase in health, wealth, and happiness.
  4. Symbol of Divine Grace:
    • As a gift from the Mother Goddess Shakthi, Muruga’s Vel represents divine grace and righteous justice, guiding you on the path of righteousness.
  5. Transformative Spiritual Journey:
    • Embrace the transformative journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment, empowered by the sacred presence of the Karungali MurugaVel.

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Karungali Muruga Vel

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