Four Disciplines of Vallalar

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The Four Disciplines of Vallalar

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Explore the profound teachings of Vallalar through “The Four Disciplines of Vallalar.” Delve into the essential disciplines of Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Soul disciplines, offering a path to both material and spiritual fulfillment. Gain insights and interpretations through the authors’ personal lens while remaining faithful to Vallalar’s essence.

Long Description:

1. Vallalar’s Teachings Unveiled: Embark on a journey of spiritual exploration as “The Four Disciplines of Vallalar” unveils the profound teachings of the revered Vallalar. Discover the transformative power of Vallalar’s wisdom, which highlights four essential disciplines for leading a miraculous and fulfilling life.

2. Essential Disciplines: Dive deep into the teachings of Vallalar as the book elucidates the four fundamental disciplines: Physical Discipline (Indiriya Ozhukkam), Mental Discipline (Karana Ozhukkam), Spiritual Discipline (Jeeva Ozhukkam), and Soul Discipline (Aanma Ozhukkam). Each discipline offers invaluable insights and practices for nurturing both material and spiritual well-being.

3. Personal Interpretations: Gain a perspective on Vallalar’s teachings as the authors offer their humble interpretation and understanding of the four disciplines. While remaining faithful to Vallalar’s essence, the book presents insights that reflect the authors’ personal lens of comprehension, enriching the reader’s understanding and application of these timeless principles.

4. Miraculous Living: Explore how adopting Vallalar’s four disciplines can lead to a truly miraculous and fulfilling life. Learn how integrating these practices into daily life can bring about profound transformations, fostering inner harmony, peace, and spiritual growth.

“The Four Disciplines of Vallalar” serves as a beacon of wisdom and guidance, illuminating the path to both material prosperity and spiritual enlightenment. Delve into this insightful exploration of Vallalar’s teachings, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and miraculous living.

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Four Disciplines of Vallalar

Original price was: ₹1,100.00.Current price is: ₹950.00.